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Clay Roberts was a native of Jacksonville, Florida. Clay was born March 16, 1989 to his proud parents and Gary and Terry Roberts. Shortly thereafter, Clay’s little sister and number one fan, Casey joined the family.

Clay died on March 21, 2007 due to injuries sustained from a tragic fall. Ironically, he was with friends grilling their latest catch when the accident occurred.

Clay was a member of Ortega United Methodist Church and attended Riverside  Presbyterian Day School, Hendricks Day School and Bishop Kenny High School. At the time of his death he was a senior and a member of the varsity football team. Clay has been accepted and was planning to enter the University of Alabama after graduation. Clay was a talented athlete participating in community athletics most of his life, playing football, baseball and soccer.

He was an avid fisherman and he loved boating. Clay once wrote, “Being in a boat is one of my absolute favorite things to do…” He often talked about having a career revolving around boating, fishing and conservation. His email address “InRiverorOcean” best expressed his enthusiasm for our waterways. Clay’s two greatest passions in life were being on the water fishing and spending time with his family and friends. Clay was a friend to all, known as a person that always tried to find the good in something and always tried to help someone out or make their day better.

tradition (tra-di-tion): activity that happens regularly and is usual, i.e. an activity that happens regularly and has become the usual thing

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